The team at The Box Community is extremely excited and proud to have Dominique Johnson as our newest TBC Ambassador!

Dominique found Crossfit when she was 23 and since that time she has trained exclusively at Crossfit Athletic in NSW, where she values her coaches, the community and her amazing friends that she now has for life.

In 2015 she was part of the CrossFit Athletic regionals team which, placed 4th and therefore booked her 1st ticket to the games! Dominique was fortunate enough to be part of the team in 2016 where they placed 3rd and she was back at the games for a 2nd consecutive year. Since returning from the games in 2016 she has been training hard with the hopes of returning to the games for a 3rd consecutive year.

If you speak to anyone in the CrossFit community you will only hear positive words about Dominique. She is well liked and respected in the community because for such a gifted athlete she manages to stay so grounded, positive and supportive to all those around her.

So, what’s next for this superstar CrossFit athlete? Her ultimate goal in CrossFit is to reach her full potential (whatever that may be) whilst at the same time keeping her life balanced with fun and friends.


Dominique Johnson

Name: Dominique Johnson

Age: 26

Sports followed: I grew up doing competitive gymnastics, also through high school I competed in swimming and athletics.

Favourite CrossFit athlete: I love Sara Sigmundsdóttirand and Brooke Wells.

Favourite WOD & why? Um, something heavy with Handstand Walking or Push Press.

Favourite movement/Exercise? I love both Snatch and Clean and Jerk, I also love T2B and handstand walking. I actually love running, although running doesn’t like me very much, I like it.

Favourite post mod meal? Maltesers….. haha! Actually I don’t know.

Have you always excelled at sport? I have always participated in sport at a competitive level. Growing up I competed in Gymnastics for Queensland.

What got you involved in the sport of CrossFit? I got bored at the the normal gym and wanted to find something a little more challenging, and I definitely found that! I had some friends involved in Crossfit who suggested I give it a go.

Why do you love CrossFit so much? I love the challenge and that there is always something to learn or improve on. I love the friends I have made and I love having coaches who push me and care about my goals as much as I do.

Goals for 2017: I have a few personal goals for 2017, my biggest is to have fun and keep improving.

Favourite quotes: I have two. “Happiness is the highest level of success” and “you’ve got what is takes but it will take everything you’ve got”

My ethos:  Choose happiness!

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